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Dissertations and Thesis

Dissertations (PhD Students)

  1. KayhaniNejad, Reza:

  2. ShahNazari, Somayeh:

  3. Tayma Ebrahim:

  4. OmLeila Rashidi:

  5. Neda Saffari:(2019)

  6. Alidoost Elham:(2018): Land use effects on soil organic carbon sequestration and modeling its changes in Lordegan watershed

  7. Sepehrnia Nasrollah:(2017) Escherichia coli and Rhodococcus erythropolis Transport and Retention Through Wettable and Repellent Soils

  8. Javad Zamany: Effect of Endophytic Fungi on Soil Quality Indices and Development of Plant Roots in Petroleum-Contaminated Soils (2013)

  9. Fatemeh Houseini: The Neothyphodium  Endophytic Fungi Role in Root Growth Mechanics, Soil Mechanical and Physical Properties and Water Availability to Plant (2013)

  10. Mohammad Feizi:Saline irrigation strategies (2012)

  11. Housein Shekofteh:Modeling of nitrate leaching. (2012)

  12. AliAsghar Besalatpour:Erosion risk assessments in Bazoft area. (2012)

  13. Elham Chavoshi:Evaluation and modeling of Floride in (2011)

  14. Mohsen Soleimani:Endophyte effects on phytoremediation … (2010)

  15. Seyed Fakhroddin Afzali:Salt Affected Soil ….. (2009)

  16. Mohammad Reza Mosaddeghi:Precompression and precompaction. (2003)

  17. Mehdi Sharifi:Nitrogen use efficiency …  potato cultivars. (2002)

  18. Mahmoud Solhi:Phytoremediation of Pb, Zn, and Ni, …. . (2002)

  19. Hormazd Naghavi:Modeling moisture charac. Kerman soils. (2000)

  20. Hossein Shirani: Soil physical property change as affected by tillage systems in Lavark (2000)


Thesis (MSc. Students)

  1. Alavi, MahdyehSadat:
  2. Azarang, Mandana:
  3. HassanPpour, Eiman:
  4. Hajinili, Ehsan:(2018) Effect of poultry manure and zeolite on soil water retention and salicornia persica growth under salinity treatments
  5. AhmadPour, Shahla:(2018) Effect of sugarcane bagas and it’s biochar on the structure of an oil contaminated soil
  6. Maleki Shahraki, Maedeh: (2017) Effect of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Rice Husk Ash and Coal Ash on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties
  7. Goodarzi, Saeid: (2017) Effect of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Rice Husk Ash and Coal Ash on Consistency Limit and Mechanical Properties of Soil
  8. Rooham, Nasrin: (2016) Effect of Carbon Nanotubes and Zeolite on Triticale Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  9. Navid Pour Mohammad R.:(2016) The Effects of Different Methods of Soil Water Retention and Drought Stresses on Water Use Efficiency of Two Barley Genotypes
  10. Torkian V, Mahsa: (2015) Effect of Piriformospora indica, Sewage Sludge and It's Biochar on Arsenic Uptake by Sunflower
  11. Davoodi, Mohammad: (2015) Residual Effects of Burnings on some Soil Chemical and Physical Properties in Fereydan Pastures
  12. Salehi Kahrizsangi Nazanin: (2014) Effect of Fire Intensity on Some Physicochemical Properties of Two Different Textured Rangeland Soils
  13. Fyuji Alireza: (2014) Phytoremediation of Soil Hydrocarbon Pollutants by Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes
  14. Hoseinzadeh Navid:(2014) Hydrological Modelling of the Landuse and Climate Change Effects on the Water Resource Components of Javanmardi Watershed using SWAT Model
  15. Shahmoradi, Sajad: (2014) The Effect of Inorganic Sorbents on the Speciation, Mobility and Stabilization of Arsenic in Rhizosphere of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus. L)
  16. Hassani Abdolghader: (2013) Evaluation of the Effects of some Soil and Environmental Property on Runoff and Sedimentation in Parts of Lordegan Watershed Region
  17. Saeidi Hamid: (2013) Land-use and Depth Effect on Some Quallity Indexes of Soil in Lordegan Region
  18. Safora Merati (2013): Soil Pb, Zn, and Cd phytoextraction potential of two types of sisymbrium infected with p. indica
  19. Aboozar Assadolahi (2013): Effect of sewage sludge, vermicompost and cow manure on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbon using tomato ((Solanum lycopersicum)) and Agropyron badamense.
  20. Soleiman Modaressi (2013): Evaluation of petroleum hydrocarbons removal from soil by nanoparticles and modified zeolite and bentonite with phytoremediation.
  21. Torabi, Ghazal (2013): Effect of soil compaction and endophyte on the Tall fescue phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum in hydrocarbons.
  22. Javidpour, Amir Hossein (2013): Effect of compost on phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons by Festuca pratensis.
  23. Mohammad Davoodi (2012): Effects of burning crop residues on some chemical and physical properties of rangeland soil in Fereydan region.
  24. Shirin Seirafinia:Palygorskite and Sepiolite addition to sands (2011)
  25. Elaheh Khosravi: Asseing of short time effects of firing pastures (2011) 
  26. HamidReza M. Kelishadi:Disturbing pasture's effects on soil physical (2011)
  27. Mahsa Rahimi:Effects of Compaction and soil moisture on (2010)
  28. Nasim Kaghazchi:Efects of zeolite on soil hydraulic properties: (2010)
  29. Nasim Sadat Mortazavi:The role of geohomus and (2010)
  30. Noroldin Hashemi:Using Zeolite for remediation of  (2010)
  31. Rozita Hadad Rezaei:Different management on Pistachio (2010)
  32. Mansor Barzin:Special Variability of Zn, Pb, in Hmaedan Soil (2010)
  33. MS. Halal Beiki:Land preparation effects on Zaffaran growth" (2008)
  34. Seyed M Yahya Bidaki:Effects of disposed tire plastics on soil physical (2007) 
  35. AliAsghar Besalat Pour:Bioremediation (Phytostimulation) of Soil (2006)
  36. AhmadReza Mellali:Phytoremediation in Two Calcaroue Soils Polluted (2006)
  37. Jaber Fallahzadeh:Salinity effects on organic matter"  (2006)
  38. AliAsghar Zolfaghari:Changes in Soil Structure, Organic Matter and (2005)
  39. Masoumeh Yusefi:Different soil managem,ent effects on carbohydrates (2004)
  40. Jamaati):Effects of different Salinity on germinatio, (2004)
  41. Ahmad Moradi:Modeling transport of Cd and Br and hydraulic (2003)
  42. Mohsen Souleimani:Phytoremediation of  soil contaminated with (2003)
  43. Arash Ansari:Removal of heavy metals from aqueous Zeolite (2003)
  44. Kohyian:Arsenic removal from soil using some crop (2003)
  45. Hossein Bayat: Tillage effects on soil physical character (2003)
  46. GhaderMazi:Simulation os Zn Pb, and N in soil under (2002)
  47. Shabanian:Effects of Polyacril Sweage sludge and waste (2002)
  48. Movahedian:Effects of Polyacril Sweage sludge and waste (2002)
  49. Mohsen Nael:Evaluation of land degradation by soil quality (2000)
  50. Abbas Ahmadi:Depasturation effects on soil tilth index and run (2000)
  51. Mansour Olfati:The effects of soil physical properties on P uptake (1996)
  52. Fathi:Puddling efects on soil physical properties and spatial (1996)
  53. MohammadReza Mosaddeghi:Soil compactibility as affected by soil moisture (1996)
  54. Saeid Arab:Temperature effects on P avilability for ten soil in (1991)


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